My Voice on many waters


There will be a fresh release of power in the Kingdom God that will be unprecedented through the gathering of leaders and the rallying of His women. (Ps. 68:11)
This isn’t about competition, it is about completion, this isn’t about convention, it’s about convening. This isn’t about building kingdoms, this is about releasing the King.  Our Mighty King Jesus! It is my strong belief that this coming gathering of women is a prototype of that which God is doing in the earth at this time.  Even as He gathered the waters together in the foundation of the earth so we are a prophetic act of His will, a convergence, a convening of many waters in which the voice of God will rest and be carried throughout the land.
It is my strong belief that as we join together and connect one to another in the power and the synergy of the Creators design, we will be propelled into greater dimensions and levels of  revelation.  It is my strong belief that we will experience even  greater habitation of the Lord in our individual lives and in the corporality of our ministries.  It is my strong belief that this habitation will be greater than any previous visitations we have individually experienced in our lives.  Not because of this gathering, or because of an organization but because of the organism which is the body of Christ, which He is gathering in the earth. This is a time in which we become a prophetic act of God.   It is time for the restoration of the woman’s voice that will release the word of the Lord throughout our homes, ministries and nations. Not only in the lives of these natural women who will gather together, but in His Bride, the Church.  It is this word,  the word of His Church that He will use to shift a nation, that He will  use to restore and heal His people and heal this land.  He will do this in us and through us. It is Gods design that this woman, The Church, will stand as an established authority that will execute reform and change a culture.   As it is in the natural, so it shall be in the spiritual.
 God is about gathering the waters that His voice may reside upon the waters, upon the seas.
“Just as My voice is as many waters, so is it when all of you come together in a spirit of unity, lifting up your voices, crying out to Me, and making declaration as to what My will is in the earth.  This brings Me much pleasure.  It is not a “babbling”, brook, just mindless, endless syllables flowing forth without meaning or purpose.  Each syllable has My name on it and My DNA in it as it carries forth and usher in My presence wherever it flows.  Continue to move forth in synergy, yes “synergy”, that is the “word” that I have chosen to describe what happens when My women servants choose to come together and bind together in unity to see Me exalted so all the world can hear and know it is I who has ordained this ministry for My creative, redemptive purpose.  Be blessed My daughters, for you have blessed Me“.
Prophetic utterance July 11, 2012.
By: Cheryl Ballard

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