Thank you so much for coming to Richmond. Many women that attended contacted me and said that this was life impacting and a few even said that it’s saved their life. Leaders, especially women, put everyone else first. This was the most refreshing, power-filled gathering for women I’ve ever attended. I’m looking forward to Great Host’s return in the fall. In addition, the healing prayer sessions were a much-appreciated addition to this conference. We will never be the same and are grateful for the work of Holy Spirit through every member of this fabulous team.  S. M.

Lora, though I did not get to meet you. I want to thank you for allowing the Lord to “change” the direction on Saturday. I could only stay for the morning. I truly needed what was offered as worship and intercession for my thirsty soul. Long story short, our ministry is to leaders as well. We have created a bed and breakfast for them to come and receive refreshing. We have a team of intercessors as well as Phillips prayer team available for those who come and stay with us. I would love to talk more about how to have you come to our area, Blue Ridge Mountains, to minister to the pastor’s wives here. Again, thank you and blessings to you and the team. Very grateful to have had the ability to sit in the River for a while.    C. M.

Absolutely!!! Still revelling in the after effects!!!!    N. K.

Awesome Conference. Such freedom. I am still unpacking all that was received. I hope I can come to the next one.  What a blessing you all are.   P. A.

I am still discovering the lasting effects and changes in my life as the result of Great Host Ministries and the healing prayer sessions. While reviewing all that was recorded in the prayer session, I’m realizing so much more. Your ministry is producing fruits that remain. Thanks so very much. Your weekend in Richmond has been so impacting.   J. B.

There was great fellowship, Spirit inspired praise & worship along with the ministry of the Holy Spirit through the leadership of GHM, and the individual healing prayer sessions on Sunday & Monday were awesome!  J. D.

Loved how the Lord showed up. Thank you Lora and team for serving us so amazingly well! B. M.

Thank you Lora Allison and your amazing team of Great Host Ministries. Thank you also for the awesome word you gave me from Holy Spirit.  P. A.

Thank you” very much for your special service through Great Host Ministries this weekend! Your inspiration, leadership, “stirring us up”, impartations for revival, and prayers were a tremendous blessing!

Great job! It was a lovely and powerfully unique day!

May the Lord bless you for all you did, your time, prayers, expense, travel, etc. I appreciate each of you and the gift of “you” that the Lord has blessed us with!

Pat, I’m the one you prayed for about… “the quiet and gentle spirit”…. Your impartation/ prayer blessed my heart and soul; the very thing I needed! “Thank you” for praying for me! Love to each of you, J. B.

It was truly a blessed time with the Lord and you yesterday! Thank you for all you do for The Lord’s leaders and the body of Christ. It was a time of refreshing, encouraging and anointing to overflow.

Thank you all for an awesome time together in His Presence.

Thank you for pouring your life’s into the body of Christ.  Love, C.

I was blessed and encouraged! Thank you!